Sunday, November 9, 2014

Learning by doing. Arts & English for young students.: Learning by doing. Arts & English for young students.

My mass media
I usually play computer games like 30 minutes a day especially a game called call of duty I played it because Its funny and I enjoy my self. At ninght I like to watch tv like 1 hour with my family like aida or la que se avecina because its so good because I lough a lot. I also stay with the phone at the sofa playing games like clash of clans or going on to instagram or watching videos in you tube for 1 hour because ist relaxing. I listen to radio 10 minutes a day when my father carries me to the basketball practice or takes me back home.Finally other activity that I do is read manga comics and draw japanese characters like 1 or 3 hours depending on the day since I draw I listening to music.:-) Javier García Álvarez 3A

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  1. Your English is horrible, sincerously. You´ve to improve it. Besides, your post needs images!