Monday, November 10, 2014

My Mass-media

My favorite medium of all is the tv. I love watching. There are a lot of reasons why I like it. I use this medium more or less 2 hours and 30 minutes per day. I watch it basically for entertaiment. I like it because it is very fun. Usually the programs that I see are not educational.I never use this medium alone. I often watch it with my sister  but sometimes I watch it with my parents.
If this medium  didn´t exist my life would be diferent. Because I am used to watching Tv when I finish all my homework, before I go to bed and also when I come home after school to have a rest so I hope that this medium always exists.
When this medium was first introduced it had a big impact on our culture for example, now you can see the news all over the world.I think that the mediums of comunication are to communicate and to learn things about the world, so I think that isn´t anything that I would like to change.

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