Sunday, November 2, 2014



I´m Maite Suso from 3rd B and this is "my mass media" project.
This last week I´ve been looking little by little what medias I´ve been using most.
The radio, the newspaper, some magazines, TV, the computer and my ipad have been the ones that I used most of the time.
-The radio: When I´m going to school with my mum by car, we listen to the radio around 15 or 20 minutes more less.
-The newspaper: I think I read it only once a week, well better than read it, I just take a look.
-Magazines: Well, I read some magazines when I´m at the dentist´s, so that´s once a month.
-TV: I watch it all nights about half an hour at dinner time with my family.
- The computer: I use it all weekends because it´s way of doing some homework, checking my email, looking for information, watching some videos on youtube or just having fun talking with some friends through skype.
- My ipad: I use it during the week one hour daily, for taking pictures, watching videos or listening to music.

And eventually, I´m going to talk about an essential media that I haven´t named before, and most people say that they simply can´t live without it, the PHONE. 
I use it all days about two hours more less. It lets me talking with my friends with instant messages, checking some social nets, taking some photos or calling someone if I need it. 

This was my technology use during the week so I hope you´ve enjoyed reading my "mass media project" .

 Maite Suso Argüelles. 3rd B.