Sunday, November 2, 2014

My mass media

Hi I´m David Rojas Acevedo from 3ºB.
My favourite mass media is my Xbox 360. I spend with it 10 hours per week.  I use for entertainment.I use when I finish my homework or when the programs on TV are boring. I use it to play online with my friends and I also can talk with them while I´m playing. I also see videos in YouTube with the Xbox instead of using the computer and I can see videos or downlowding music in the Xbox so it´s like a computer but. 

The first Xbox 360 was officilly unveild on May 2005. It was an exit and 84 million people have an Xbox 360.

Appart from the Xbox 360  also use this mass media:

-TV: I use it in the evenigs to see comedie series like Family Guy or American Dad. I also see videos in YouTube because it´s an Smart TV.
-Radio: I listen to it in the mornigs when I come to school.
-Computer: I use for school projects and sometimes I see series or films on it.
-Mobile: I use it to chat with my friends, to see videos, to search information about whats hapenning in the world.
-Newspaper: I read it every day after having lunch.

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  1. Could you explain any more about another mass media? Anyway, your post is quite well