Monday, November 3, 2014

My Mass Media

I usually watch TV two hours per day when I'm bored to have fun. In the mornings I listen to the radio because it's a fantastic way to wake up. Sometimes I go to the cinema with my friends to have a good time. I use the internet every day for many things such as, listening to music, searching for information and talking with friends. When I go to bed I usually read a book to help me fall asleep.  My favourite medium of Mass Media is the mobile phone; I use my phone about 5 hours daily. I mostly use it when I’m bored and also, to talk with my friends, to listen to music, to play games or to take photos. My life without my phone would be different because if I got lost I couldn’t call anybody. I also use it for an alarm in the morning, so I wouldn’t be able to wake up. I believe that the mobile phone has changed our lives because we are always connected. For example, you can call anybody when you want and years ago it was impossible.

Laura Villa  

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