Saturday, December 1, 2012

Claude Monet "El Paseo"

    This is a Claude Monet’s painting in which he represented his wife, Camille Monet and his son, Jean.  Claude Monet executed this painting in 1877 and this is called “El Paseo”.
    The painting belongs to Impressionist movement. The term impressionism, at the beginning, was of the critics to make fun, but them this form was used by the artists, and it represents the paintings of Monet.
    The title means that they were giving a ride in the afternoon in a sunny day near a meadow. They were in a natural place in the outside. Monet uses warm colours in the grass where his family is. In the bottom of the painting he uses cool colours for the clouds and the sky.  To point the Camille’s dress he drew a triangle in the middle. Then he made an oval for drew his umbrella’s wife. On the grass we can see two shadows; one of them is close to the son and the other below to his wife. One of the targets of Monet was to capture the expression of the light and the colours, her we observe how he represented the light with the shadows and the different colours in whole painting. Claude Monet used the perspective based and the size of his wife and his son. It’s possible to see the differences between them.

Andrea Muñiz  3ºC

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