Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dots, Lines, Shapes and Textures


A dot is a mark that shows the beginning of a work or the end of it.
Some painters like Henri Edmond Cross.

Antibes - Henri Edmond Cross 

There are also more pictures of the same author, such as Íl Ponte San Trovaso:



A line is a combination of a series of dots that are continuous, with an exact distance in between each dot.
For example, Keith Haring paints very wonderfull pictures with lines, like this:

The name of this picture is Heart of Pictures from Keith Haring.

But it isn't the unic picture that Keith Haring has got, he has got some more pictures like this:


Shape is the creation of when the end of a line meets the start of same line.
Some painters like Piet Mondrian or Pablo Picasso although in this case is a cubist painter.
This picture is of Piet Mondrian. Look at it:

Or this picture, in this case from Pablo Picasso and  it is with cubist art.

It name is The Three Musicians.


We can define texture as the feel of the surface of an object.
Some some painters, that paint with  textures or simply  painting creating textures, are for example Paul Klee or  Ernest Ludwig Kirchner 

This picture is from Ernest Ludwig Kirchner, the tile of it is Berlin.

And now a picture of Paul Klee, and the title is Rose City.

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  1. Thank you, beautiful work. But, please, check the mistakes with Kara or Carolina because I find a lot of them, some "Splanglish" as well.