Sunday, October 28, 2012

       The white bull
The bull is the adult male of the cow. It has been a symbol for many cultures all alng the history of humans.
white bull2.jpg

The first time they appeared was thousands of years ago. Bulls are represented in most cave paintings made by first humans.

Bulls have a lot of symbolis meanings:
In Zodiac taurus is a symbol of strength and power also it means stubborn.
In Indian culture the bull is represented as the vehicle of the god Shiva.
Most mediterranean cultures have white bulls in his mitology. For example, acient greeks, thought that Zeus convertered on a white bull to love the nymph Europa.
Also , roman soldiers adored the bull as a representation of god mitra ( divinity imported from an ocupated country) and they sacrificed a white bull every time before entering in combat.

Here we have an image of zeus and Europa(left) and an image of mitra sacrified
Bulls are used for many logos.
A lot of american teams use bulls to represented his power and strenght. Also many brands use bulls on his logos, is the case for example, of Red bull or Lamborgini.

                                                                             By Sergio Álvarez and Nicolás Fernández
bliography:  Wikipedia, my knowledge and ¨ Mitología de las culturas de la antiguedad¨

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