Monday, October 29, 2012


The owl is a type of bird. It lives all around the world, so it has different meanings in each culture.

This animal lives and hunts in the night, so africans and americans thin it's a symbol of dead and bad luck. Chinese and Japanese cultures think that if you see one during the day, you'll have bad luck, but if you see them in the night it gives you good luck and a very long live.

In the european culture, it's a symbol of intelligence, so many book's companies have this animal in their logos.

In greek or roman cultures, this animal usually goes with Atenea, so they think it's a good symbol.

In North America, the owl, like all the animals, is usually the image of football teams.

In other countries this animal is the logo of many companies, like security comapnies for houses:

This post was made by Iyán Fernández and Alfredo Fernández.

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  1. Very good job!!! I like it. Remember that you´re talking about races you have to use capital letters, e.g. American,Chinese etc