Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Swan

Swans are large aquatic birds of the family Anatidae. They have webbed feet, a long slender neck, and usually white plumage. They have many roles in culture, here are some of them:

-Swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long lasting. 

-The swan has been depicted on an Irish commemorative coin in celebration of its EU presidency. 

-The Black Swan is of spiritual significance in the traditional histories of many Australian Aboriginal peoples across southern Australia. The Black Swan is the faunal emblem of the Australian state of Western Australia and swans are featured on the coat of arms of Canberra, the Australian capital. They also feature strongly in mythology. Maybe those are the reasons of  The Sydney Swans, an Australian football team.

                                         COAT OF ARMS OF CAMBERRA

-They are also waterfowl, closely connected with water, even nesting near the water. So that's why some logos related to water have included the swan in them:

-The ballet Swan Lake by Pyotr Tchaikovsky is considered among both the most important works of this composer and among the often-performed classics of ballet. It is partially based on an old German legend, which tells the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer's curse. Some major elements as girls turned to swans and living in a lake or a hero falling in love with one of them, are also shared by the Irish mythology story of Caer Ibormeit. We think that's why this company theatre chose the swan as its logo. 

-Swan meaning is also linked to Celtic deities with solar associations, like Belanus and Lugh. As solar 
the swan represents the rising glory of a new day as well as the farewell of an old day with the setting sun.

                CELTIC SWAN

 By Sara Barahona & Sara Merino


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