Friday, July 13, 2012


To celebrate the fifteenth Early Music Festival of Gijón presents a large selection of guitars belonging to the Collection Luis Delgado.
Until July 15th we can enjoy this fascinating exhibition in Hall 1 of  "Centro Cultural Antiguo Instituto".

The guitar is probably the most popular instrument of our time. None like him has saved so many cultural and temporal boundaries to become not only the perfect companion song, if not the solo instrument in countless styles.
The exhibition serves as both the historical aspect to the cultural aspect of the instrument, making a tour of a number of pieces from different eras and cultures.
In this sample meet many of them, showing, for example, the differences between Guitar Conchera Mexicana and Lower Sixth, through the Medieval Cítolas the Iranian Tar, the Phin Thai, Vietnamese Dan Day and etc. . instrument interrelated.

The pieces , besides the historical or cultural aspect, have been chosen also looking great beauty of design

(clever details
organological presenting
 some of them).

 For a few moments  let us carry our daily lives in time and space for these beautiful sound tools that accompany the recreational, religious and social human beings worldwide.

PHOTOS COURTESY BY Iratxe Esteve Cuesta & Teresa Cuesta De la Cal

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