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Eduardo Urculo (1938-2003), was a Spanish painter and one of the greatest pop art's artist in Spain. He is also known by his works in other styles like neocubism and black expressionism. He also worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and set designer. Most of his paintings were about nudes, suitcases, trrips and hats. 

He was born in Santurce, Vizcaya, but two years later his family and himself moved to Asturias. At the age of 18 he began to make several comics for the local newspaper "La Nueva España", In 1957 he made his first exhibition at La Felguera. When he got money enough he went to Madrid to begin to study Arts.
A year later he moved to Paris and he enrolled the academy of Grande Chaumière of Montparnasse. He exhibited his paintings in some of the most famous gallerys of Paris. Since that, he began to travel very often to many different places (Paris, Oviedo, Tenerife, Marbella, Madrid , Suecia, Dinamarca, Ibiza, New York) This trips allowed him to meet the greatest artist of the XX century.
He madde a lot of individual and group exhibitions in Spain, Germany, France, Cuba, USA...He died of a heart attack in the 31st of March of 2003 in Madrid, at the age of 65. His latest plans were to exhibit his painting at the Salander O’Reilly gallery of New York, but he couldn't never do so. The Spanish Royal House was also ready to give him the Gold Medal of Arts, but he died before that event.

ALGO IMPOSIBLE (Something Imposible)

  •  This painting was create on 1996
  • The painting is an oil canvas
  • The dimension of this painting are 150 x 180 cm
  • This painting shows 2 of the themes that Eduardo Urculo used in his paintings, the travel and the hats.
  • In this painting he use complementary color to contrat the 4 mens and in the background the big city and the sky.

Our opinnion:


I like this picture because of how he use the colors to contrast the 4 mens, I mean he uses yellow, green, blue and red, each for each men, he also contrat ech men with other colors for example the that wear red coat, his hat is blue, an other example the men who wears yellow coat and hat, has a green hat bow tie. And that's why I like this picture. At the background there are a city I think it's New York because of the building and also Eduardo urculo travelled to New York many times. For the city he uses dark colors such as black and brown, and for contrast it he use bright colours for the sky (pink,green and yellow)


On the other hand I do not like most of these contrasts
Why are these stripes painted here? I do not know, I do not like it. The combination of orange and green in this man totally disgust me. Also it doesn't express any feelings. I have a lot of  pictures of the painter at home, and I think it's very repetitive, I mean, he always paints characters with hat and suitcases, always. Otherwise the picture is not bad

Lucas Secades y Pablo San Miguel


    Please, check these mistakes:
    Capital letters for names
    of Arts movements, e.g. Expressionism
    MENS NOOO!! it´s prural, MEN
    A lot of mistakes using PAST TENSE, for example, it must be WAS CREATED with "d"
    Mistakes od spelling
    PAY ATTENTION to the third person of singular

  2. I like the picture "Something imposible" because it surprise me the combination of colours and I think that complementary colours are very interesting. I really like the post.

    1. I love Urculo. His surname is a Basque surname in fact, "Urkullu" .
      Do you know this famous Urculo`s sculpture in Villaviciosa park? A very big hat and cyder apples!