Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Antoni Tapies was a Catalan painter, sculptor and art theorist, who became one of the most famous European artists of his generation. Tapies was perhaps the best-known Catalan artist to emerge in the period since the Second World War. He created a free style inside abstract art. It combines tradition and innovation in an abstract style but with symbolism.He shows much expression in his works too.Tapie´s works had have a great appreciaton for national and international level, being exposed in the most famous museums in the world. Also he received some award for his work such as Wolf Foundation Prize for the Arts (1981) and Principe de Asturias(1990). He died in Barcelona on February 2012.

One of the most popular pictures that he painted is:

This painting is called "Cruz y Tierra". We can see a white cross in the middle of the picture that (we think) represents the death buried in the ground. Its a mixed technique. Antoni Tapies was painted it in 1975. 

We really like this art movement and especially the works of Tapies, because he shows much expressions in his work. But its difficult to understand what pictures, in this case, want to transmit to the person who is seeing it.

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  1. Oh, I really think that this picture is horrible, it seems to me like a prehistoric painting haha. Despite I don´t like the picture, you have done an excellent work! Bye