Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abstract art


 Abstract art is something that simulates individual thoughts, emotions, ideas or even imagination. In its most general senses it is a language of thought which can be understood in many different ways. It creates a kind of connection between the artist and the people who appreciate their work.  A painter, like any other artist has the freedom of creating things based on the limits of imagination.


 Piet Mondrian became a famous abstract painter by reason he used an unknown technique which made him singular (the Dutch De Stijil movement). He was known for his non-representational form of painting which consisted on a white ground, upon which was painted a gird of vertical and horizontal black lines and three primary colors.

This is one of Piet Mondrian’s compositions in which he applied the Dutch De Stijil movement. He used a white background, covered its surface with vertical and horizontal black lines forming several quadrilaterals, and painting one of them with a blue tone to make it stand out.

I really like this artwork because is simple, but it can express what you want. It transmitted simplicity, beauty, light, calm and stillness.It seems  very simple the action of repeat lines  but the result was something new.

From my point of view, I am not particularly fond of this piece from Mondrian’s collection. This type of work of art conveys a sensation of coldness and simplicity. The first perception does not invite one to stop and interpret what is between the lines as they are desolate and colorless.
In conclusion, the composition titled In Blue lacks of color, warmth and definition.  

Information and picture from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piet_Mondrian

Carmen and Alexandra


  1. I think abstract art is so difficult to understand, because of it I never understand the message that author gives at these kind of pictures.

  2. Alexandra thank you for this work because the abstract art is so difficult to understand and the description of the painter is very good and the picture is beautiful because the lines and the perspective are very good thank you for this work.