Friday, February 27, 2015

El Caballero Anciano from El Greco - Mateo Cifuentes 3ºC [Reposted]

  -I chose this portrait from El Greco because I like the way he draws everything stretched. It's called "Caballero Anciano"

     -Title: El Caballero Anciano.    
     -Author: El Greco.
     -Period: Spanish Renassaince.
     -Year: Arround the 1590.
     -Technique used: Oil on canvas.

     It represents an anonimous knight. Provably from Toledo, as it was a very important city, also where he lived.          
     This portrait follows El Greco's characteristic style: Painting all the figures taller and thiner than in reality. 
     For this portrait, the technique used was oil on canvas. He got to paint perfectly all this old man's characteristics through thick and thin brushstrokes and using very dark colours to possibly express the sadness in his last years of life. His old age is also expressed with small balds and white hair on his head. His thinness also express that he is not a very rich man.

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