Saturday, February 28, 2015

A girl with a pearl earring from Vermeer - Marta de Sevilla

Title: A girl with a pearl earring
Author: Johannes Vermeer

Year: 1665-1667
Movement: Baroque and Dutch Golden Age
Technique: Oil on canvas

The most important parts of this portrait are the colours and the shadows. Vermeer’s use of light highlighted the earring and the face.
There are many theories about the identity of the woman, these are some of them:
-She could be Vermeer’s oldest daughter.
-Vermeer’s servant, Griet.
-Or the daughter of Vermeer’s main commissioner.

She’s a gorgeous woman, with big, brown eyes and a small nose. She has tiny eyelashes. She has a blue and yellow turban on her head, a popular complement in this age, from Orient.

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