Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dots, lines, shapes and textures

This is a picture of Georges Seurat, A summer Sunday at the Grande Jatte (1884-86).
He painted it only with dots.


This is a Roman mosaic. It is made by little tesserae.


Sometimes we use the lines to express movement, like in this op art picture.

Keith Haring made all his drawings with lines. This is his shop.


This is a picture of Piet Mondrian Composition in red, blue and yellow (1921)
It is like an architecture plane.

This is an picture of  Lyubov Popova. She was the most famous woman artist in the Russian vanguard.


At the core (1935) by Paul Klee. It is an abstract design with many textures.

The expressionists used many textures, like in this picture of  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner,
 Fränzi in front a chair (1910)

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