Monday, February 6, 2012

Vicent Van Gogh

Vicent Van Gogh was a painter of the XIX century. He painted many famous pictures, like “The yellow house”, “The sunflowers” or “The starry night”.

Van Gogh had red moustache and red barb. He had red thin hair too, and he had big eyebrows.
His eyes were small and blue, and his nose was big. He had no a ear, because one night Van Gogh cut it himself. His mouth was small, and his neck too. His face was very sharp.
In these self-portraits, he was in blue suit and in yellow jacket of an countryman, with a straw hat .


  1. Dear Eva: I have just checked a few mistakes in the description but I have to consider that you are making a big effort to write in English. I´ll tell you which words and expressions you have to change.Great job!

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