Thursday, June 14, 2012


Rhythm is a principle of art that's difficult to summarize in words. Assuming that you've picked up on a rhythm in music before, take what you heard with your ears and try to translate that to something you'd see with your eyes. Rhythm, in art, is a visual beat.
A pattern has rhythm, but not all rhythm is patterned. For example, the colors of a piece can convey rhythm, by making your eyes travel from one component to another. Lines can produce rhythm by implying movement. Forms, too, can cause rhythm by the ways in which they're placed one next to the other.
Really, it's easier to "see" rhythm in just about anything other than the visual arts.
This is my own example of rythmic composition:

In the first one I combine 4 colours ( blue, brown and two shades of pink). 
In the second one I used pictures of magazines to make a collage.

Other examples of rythm:


  1. I like very much this post because examples are very cool especialy the third about circles. I have read all the works and It's the best for me.

  2. I agree with Carlos, I think that this pictures are very good examples of rythm. My favorites ones are the collage because with similar pictures you have created an original rythm and the one which has circles, because it creates and optical effect. The first time I watched I was impressed.

  3. I like it very munch Alexandra it is beautiful what I like most is the photos you've choosen.

  4. I really like the rhythm collage, the photos choosen and the drawing make it amazing!! I also like the other rhythm examples.