Friday, May 18, 2012

Symmetry around us.

Symmetry is a common phenomenon produced when one side of a picture is exactly the same as the other side but in the other way. Seems like it is a complex phenomenon but it's actually very common in nature, as in art and products.

Axial symmetry:

We can find symmetry in nature in animals as buterflies and in plants as in cactus or dalias.


But symetry is also found in architecture, where it was thought that it was the base of the beautiness. A good example of this is the Partenon, where we can appreciate this try of making it beautiful with symmetry. But also in modern buildings this phenomenon is appreciated as in the "hemisferic".   

                                                                                                                      Illán Riestra Nava 3ºA


  1. Very good although you`re repeating structures that I have just read in another post.

  2. I had it prepared but I had not posted it.