Saturday, May 19, 2012

Centro Cultural Internacional Niemeyer

The Niemeyer Centre it's a work of Oscar Niemeyer, a very important Brazilian architect. It is located in Aviles (Asturias), and for a year it's a culture reference in all the world

It consist of four structures:

  • A hemisphere. It's 20 metres height, completely smooth and white. It has two floors, about 4000 square metres, to expositions.
  • A cylindrical shape tower with a cylinder on the top. It's 13 metres height. To go up it has spiral stairs. The cylinder is a restaurant and here is the administration. It has many windows, so it offers a beautiful panoramic view of Aviles.
  • A big abstract building. It’s an auditory. In a wall there is a drawing that represents a woman.
  • A building that is similar to a curve line. It's polyvalent; it has a shop, the Film centre and rooms to conferences.

Niemeyer Centre also has a sinuous projecting that joints the museum and the auditory.

The Niemeyer Centre opened on 26th of Mars 2011. Here we can find many activities to do like wa
tch dramatic works and expositions of photos. It is the unique building of Oscar Niemeyer in Spain. Now it's owned of the Government of Asturias but first months it was owned of the Niemeyer Foundation.

Eva Armindo R. 1ºA

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  1. I have no words. Fantastic work! Brilliant! I love your drawing, it´s very beautiful.
    Great job!