Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Students little gallery

Textures: You can feel  textures easily touching the surfaces, rough or soft. But also it´s possible to obtain several visual effects applying different techniques . Textures may be organic or geometrical. Surfaces and materials are relate to the final result: textures.

About Abstract Expressionism. In this composition, the students wanted to express some idea playing with different flat shapes, mainly circles and triangles. In this case, it´s very importante the use of colour in contrast and a background in black and white.
Collage: Using drawings in paper as a pattern, you can build a lot of shapes with the right combination of blanks and the  range of textures.
Over-lapping forms  and transparencies are ways to interpret new concepts in Abstract Art.
Tapiés and Miró could be the inspiration of our artists.
 Dot by dot, Divisionism theory goes so far with Puntillism. Those painters translated primary colours application in very short strokes in smaller dots of hue colours.
The most basic element of Visual Language changed the concept of the landscapes and canvases were covered in light and movement.

Here, you can appreciate the big talent of my students. Little by little, every week, I´ll try to upload more exercises from them. Enjoy it! I´m waiting for your comments!

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