Friday, May 4, 2012

Keith Haring

Keith Haring (May 4, 1958 – February 16, 1990) was an artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s. Haring was interested in art from an early age.. At age 19, in 1978, Haring moved to New York City, where he was inspired by graffiti art, and studied at the School of Visual Arts.
Haring achieved his first public attention with chalk drawings in the subways of New York (see public art). These were his first recognized pieces of pop art. His bold lines, vivid colours, and active figures carry strong messages of life and unity. Starting in 1980, he organized exhibitions in Club 57. He participated in the Times Square Exhibition and drew, for the first time, animals and human faces. In 1981 he sketched his first chalk drawings on black paper and painted plastic, metal and found objects.
He got to know Andy Warhol, who was the theme of several of Haring pieces including "Andy Mouse." His friendship with Warhol would prove to be a decisive element in his eventual success, particularly after their deaths.
In 1984, Haring visited Australia and painted wall murals in Melbourne. In 1985 Haring started to paint canvas. In 1986 Haring painted murals in Amsterdam, Paris, Phoenix and in Berlin on the Berlin Wall at Brandenburg Gate. His work began reflecting more social-political themes, such as anti Apartheid, AIDS awareness, and the crack cocaine epidemic. He even created several pop art pieces influenced by other products: Absolute Vodka, Lucky Strike cigarettes, and Coca-Cola.
Today, May 4, 2012, the 54th birthday of Haring, Google commemorates him in a Google Doodle.
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  1. I didn't know the name harin, but thanks to this essay and the link to the youtube video I realised that I had seen several of his drawings. They are very popular.

    1. I surprised too reading Haring´s biography but I agree with you, Begoña, these characters are very wellknown. Thank you very much for your comment!

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