Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Russian State Ballet Pushkin

At this last days of christamas holidays I'been to Jovellano's theater to see The Nutcracker . It is a Russian Baller from Tchaikovsky (1891/1892). It is typical of christmas because it is known as one of the mosts sweet, familiar, magic and popular ballet ever known. This concret ballet was an adaptation Alejandro Drumas(father) made from "The Nutcraker and The Mouses' King" by Ernst Hoffmann. This ballet was shown on the 22 of december at Jovellanos theater. At first, there was well-considered to have just a show but there were many people who wanted to see it so, then, they made an other show before the first one. I like it a lot and it was two hours of attention and magic because the dancers were espectacular, I have never seen something similar. I am looking forward to see them again soon.


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