Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Owl logos

Do you know that we are surrounded by owl logos??
          It can represent good luck and protecion:

Is normal to see them in lottery offices.
         Intelligent, wisdom and atencion:

This logotypes are usual to use in librarys, books shop, marketing companys...

          We can see as well, in places which work at night, like owl, that eat when the sun isn't shine, and sleep at day:

 I'm sure that you see this symbol before. The night bus in Gijón is represent by this mix of a owl(an animal which lives at night) and a bus.

Pubs, karaokes and discos or another places which open at night, and in companys that work 24h.

           It has a relationship with the intelligent an felax, it is normal to find owl logotype in sports teams coas, because owl image can be asociated be

        Iratxe and Lucía

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