Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Symbols ( Pelayo & Aitor)

A symbol is something which represents an idea a physical identity but it's distinct from it. The purpose of a symbol is to communicate meaning. Most of the symbols used are animals. For example, a swan is a symbol of beauty and a horse, of speed. Some examples of them are:
  1. LION: It represents courage, power, royalty... It's one of the most used animals in flags
  • Peugeot logo: In the beginning, Peugeot was a steel articles factory, so they chose the lion representing the strength of their articles.
  1. EAGLE: This animal represents power, speed and intuition. For Egyptians, it represented the Sun God. It sometimes appears with a snake in its mouth. Examples of this symbol are:
  • German flag: This symbol has been in the National flag since the creation of the Roman-German Empire. It comes from the Romans, who used it when the empire was created.

  • Egyptian flag: It comes from the Ancient Egyptians, who adored the Sun God and took the eagle as the logo of their first letter in the alphabet.

  • Mexican shield: The legend says when the first Mexican territory was discovered by the pre-Columbian cultures, they saw an eagle eating a snake, so they kept the image for their flag and their shield.

  1. DRAGON: This legendary creature has two meanings: for the Oriental cultures, it means fortune and health; while for Celtics was an evil creature which captured virgins.
  • Bhutan flag: In this flag, it has the Oriental meaning: (good luck, knowledge...)

  • Wales flag: Here, on the other hand, it's the horrible Celtic creature.

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