Monday, June 4, 2018

César Valverde by Lucía Gil

César Valverde Vega was born in San José on the 8 of March in1928. He died the 3 of Decembre on 1998.He was a Costa Rican painter, writer and lawyer. He was also a planner, public official and diplomat. He was one of the first muralists in Costa Rica and a member of Grupo Ocho, a group of Costa Rican artists who introduced abstract art in Costa Rica in the 1960s, which generated an artistic revolution in the national environment. 

Professor and then director of plastic arts at the University of Costa Rica, he was Vice Minister of Culture during the administration of Rodrigo Carazo Odio (1978-1982), received the Aquileo J. Echeverría National Prize for painting three times, and wrote several books, including a short novel. 

He is considered one of the great masters of the avant-garde of Costa Rican art.

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