Sunday, March 22, 2015


This self-portrait is one of the best known drawings by Italian painter. It was painted around 1513 and is located in the Royal Library of Turin. Leonardo performed all his drawings, including sketches, attention to detail. If you look closely at the picture, he realizes every hair, every hair of the beard, is made with great precision, although the face is not finished; indeed missing the top of the front and back of the beard but gives the impression of being. This drawing has a truly amazing behind history: Leonardo's death, he fell into the hands of Francesco Melzi his faithful collaborator who had inherited all manuscripts and drawings, and the death of the latter, the entire collection was dispersed among the children of Melzi and this portrait was assigned, sold, etc., and was not heard from again. It reappeared in the early nineteenth century in Milan. In the picture you can see that here Leonardo was old because of the wrinkles that have eyes, dark circles together. We also appreciated having a sad and serious expression, which is what Leonardo wants to express.

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