Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today ,Google Doodle remember us the anniversary of the celebrated architect, Antoni Gaudí. I love whole his production , every building, every piece of ceramic that decorates his works, but if I have to declare my passion by him, that´s my favourite!!!

In 1883 Güell  asked to Gaudí to transform Guell Cottage (finca Guell), mainly the garden and the construction of two entrance pavilions: a gatekeeper's house on one side of the entrance and stables on the other side. 
The most spectacular element of Finca Güell is the wrought-iron gate that links the two pavilions. The upper part of the gate is shaped like a dragon with bat wings. Gaudí created the dragon by using standard industrial products which he bent and welded together.

The gate is hinged on a tall pillar. The pillar symbolizes the tree of the golden apples.
Both the tree and the dragon are references to the labours of Hercules, the mythical founder of Barcelona.

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