Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Claude Monet

This is one picture of Monet. In this picture you can see a woman and a baby. The woman wearing long, blue and white dress, she is doing something with her hand, I think that she is weaving. She has brown hair and a big bun. She is young and is very pretty.
The baby is wearing also blue dress and black shoes, she has short and orange hair. The baby has in her hands one paper.
Behind the woman and the baby there is flowers os many colours (red, orange, pink, green, white, yellow and purple). I think that in this picture is spring.
Monet is a painter of the impressionism and he never draw the lines, he draw the picture directly, this technique is very complicate and I think that Monet is a very good painter. I choose this picture because I think that is very beautiful and the drawing and I like Monet.
Gaëlle.A.O. and Jimena.B.E (1ºB-C, E.S.O)


  1. I think the description of the characters is very well

  2. Oh, yes, Alfredo, I agree. But I need to read more ideas around the Impressionism and Monet. I gave you a lot of ideas and you have only to relate both of them. Please, work a little more.
    Well done!
    Ps-please check the last line, the latest words.

  3. Oh! Sofía and I think that is a very good redaction and the picture is fantastic :) We also do a work of monet, we wish that it gets good like yours ;)
    By Sofía & Pablo

  4. Sure, I hope so, Pablo! Monet was a great painter with a marvellous style that nowadays it´s appreciate by everybody.