Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The golden number, also known as the golden ratio is ussualy repressent by the greek letter phi , it appears in the nature and in the art and design. The objects that are in golden ratio ussualy are beautiful.
We obtain the golden number (1.61803399):
from the division of two number, for example a:b, providing that the relationship between the segment "a + b" is the same as the relationship between "a" and "b".

We found it in:
  • The disposition of the petals of the flowers
  • The relation between the thickness of the principal branches and the trunk
  • The quantity of petals of the flowers
  • And more cases

We found it in:
  • Relations in the form of Gizeh's Great Pyramid
  • The relations between the joints in the man of Vitrubio (perfect man) and in other Leonardo's works Da Vinci.
  • And more cases

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