Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The positive solution of the ecuation x(x-1)-1=0 is 1,6180339887... This number is called phi, or the Golden Number and it's very very special.

In the environment, lots of things are made related to this number, due to the beauty of the proportion this number makes. Along the history, many cultures have discovered this number and they have tried to reproduce it in the art, so it's very common to see it in paintings, sculptures, buildings,...

There are many examples of this proportion. One of it it's the Keops Pyramid. Phi appears there not once, but many times. For example, the height of one face divided into the half of the side of the base, it's exactly 1,6180339887...

Another example is the famous New York building of United Nations. It's divided into three golden rectangles (which proportion is phi).

The last example is in the Sandro Boticcelli's painting El Nacimiento de Venus. The body of Venus takes exactly the golden proportion, but as well, the total dimensions of the painting forms a golden rectangle.

Pelayo Fernández Arias 3ºA

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