Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Golden Number

Goya worked on this painting for the Spanish monarchy, in Madrid from the year 1780 until 1783. This picture represents the Royal family, the Kings Charles IV and Maria Luisa are the key figures.
In this painting the symmetry is not present, despite the fact that at first see it may seem. The axis of the composition is the child of red (dressed as this color to stand out that role) and is aligned with the painting that is on its back. The proportion that Goya used makes the right side, with respect to the axis, smaller than the left side. This is due to the Golden Number that is a synonym for harmony.
To give dynamism to the scene, because as you can see in the image everything seems to be straight lines, we can look at studied line that create the heads and the position of the feet of the people in the painting.

Iratxe and Lucía

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