Friday, December 16, 2011


In our lives we can find a lot of labyrinths. A very popular way to decorate cathedrals, during the medieval Christendom was to draw a labyrinth on the floor or in the ceiling…

It is a good example, the famous labyrinth of Chartres 's cathedral. As you see in the image, it is a classic labyrinth.  
The labyrinth which is on the right, correspond to the Matua Dukes' palace. This drawing is on the ceiling of a room. 

        We find as well in huge and rich gardeners. This way to cut the bushes was born in England in XII, as a result, the maces or mazes (garden labyrinths) is a fastantic way to decorate a garden.

and of course logos contain labyrinths:

Finally you probably look them in films or books:

Iratxe and Lucía

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  1. Beautiful. Great work!! I´ve learnt a lot with your post.